Monday, June 8, 2009

Worlds Greatest Pub Crawl 2009 - Maryborough, Queensland

We came, we saw, we drank some more...! Yet again the friendly atmosphere, fun and frivolity, lubricated by responsibly consumed alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, was an enormous success. With the aim of increasing the numbers for the pub crawl world record, along with raising funds for the McGrath Foundation for breast cancer research, attendees got well and truly into the spirit with wonderful costumes and even more wonderful attitudes. The new record now sits at 4657, and that's only those who managed to complete a card of 10 or more drinks. If you missed it in 2009, here are some pics.

If you miss it in 2010 - well that's not our fault. Start planning early and get the first weekend in June marked off on the calendar now!

As for the Dabblers, what can we say! The spirit of our dear departed mate Seamus O'Rielly may have been given a right royal sendoff, but his body and the box are now on display with last years Woody bin Drinkin costume. Just to remind us what VB will do to you!

See You in Maryborough next year.

Alas Poor Seamus, but not to worry. We'll Just have to hold a wake!

Father Woody and Cuz Drink again to Seamus' Health!

Yes They did drink all those bottles for their bottletops.

Homer met this nice young lady, that must have been why he left Marge at home.

Fashions on the Field have nothing on Our Pub Crawlers

Never has one our drinking mates had so many members of the cloth to see him off.

And Yes there are many more Photos, They will be on the Gallery soon!

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